Lancaster Indicators

A project of The Steinman Foundation, The Lancaster County Community Indicators present 80 separate indicators to provide insight into the trends in our community over time. The wealth of information this website provides is intended to be a tool to start conversations and to promote data driven decision making.

The Steinman Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the communities that comprise Lancaster County.  This site strives to achieve that goal by starting conversations about and promoting data driven decision making in Lancaster County.

The data on the Lancaster County Community Indicators site is compiled from public sources. The nomenclature or descriptions for each indicator is taken directly from the corresponding data source, listed for each indicator for consistency and clarity.  Language utilized from source material is not intended to label or limit, and should not be assumed to reflect the views of The Steinman Foundation. 

The data on the Lancaster County Community Indicators site is updated annually.  The website serves as a data compilation tool; The Steinman Foundation has no control over how frequently external data sources are updated.  Some source data is not refreshed yearly, and may be updated less frequently than other data.