1. Who can apply for a grant?
    The Foundation supports organizations classified as tax-exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation only supports organizations serving residents of Lancaster County, PA.  The Steinman Foundation grantmaking currently highlights two strategic program areas: Early Childhood Education and Economic and Workforce Development. In addition, we have a Community Stewardship Grants Program, through which we support a broad array of important local nonprofit work to Lancaster County.
  2. What is not funded through The Steinman Foundation?
    • Organizations not serving Lancaster County, PA.
    • Individuals
    • For-profit organizations
  3. What type of support is given?
    The Foundation will consider applications for specific programs and general operating support. Grant requests of less than $5,000 are not given consideration.
  4. How do I apply for a grant?
    For all grants, the application process begins with a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) submitted to apply@steinmanfoundation.com. LOIs must include a brief summary of your organization’s mission and goals, and outline how project and grant funding would be used to support the Lancaster County community. LOIs are accepted on a rolling basis. LOIs submitted before the deadline will be reviewed at the upcoming quarterly board meeting. If your LOI is approved, you will be invited to submit a grant application. Grant applications submitted before the next deadline will be reviewed at the following quarterly board meeting. Within two weeks of a Board meeting, staff will notify all LOI and grant applicants of the decision.Grant applications are accepted by invitation only. The application process requirements may vary based on amount and complexity of the grant request.
  5. What information is requested on a grant application?
    Grant applications require information such as general organization information, mission, program/project description, population reach, intended impact, goals, and measures for success. Additionally, we request financial information such as organization and project budgets, 990PFs, audited financials, and lists of top financial contributors or funding sources.
  6. What information is requested on grant reports?
    Grant Reports may be required depending on the amount of funding and complexity of the grant. Grant reports will request information such as progress toward goals stated in your application, community impact, lessons learned, significant changes and future plans. Financial reporting will require a budget showing the use of grant funds. Additionally, the Foundation is to be notified if the funding goal has been reached prior to the Foundation’s decision, or if the project has been canceled.
  7. What if I have trouble using the online application form?
    If you have trouble with the online form, please contact apply@steinmanfoundation.com for assistance.
  8. What are the LOI and grant application deadlines?
    February 15th
    May 15th
    August 15th
    November 15th
  9. What will the timeline be for processing applications?
    The Foundation Board meets quarterly and each of the two steps (LOI and grant application) will be reviewed at a quarterly Board meeting, therefore the full process can be completed in approximately six months from the submission of an LOI to the notification of a grant award. The initial LOI and grant application deadlines are approximately two months prior to Steinman Foundation board meetings. After reviewing your application, staff will notify you if any supplemental information is needed prior to the Board meeting. Decisions regarding LOIs and grant awards are typically sent via email within two weeks of the Board meeting.
  10. Is The Steinman Foundation related to Steinman Communications?
    The Steinman Foundation is the independent, private foundation of the James Hale and John Frederick Steinman families.  Over the past 65 years and with the financial support of LNP Media Group, Inc. and other Steinman Communications companies, the Foundation has granted more than $85 million to eleemosynary endeavors.  For more information about the company’s philanthropic activities, please contact apply@steinmanfoundation.com.