The Steinman Foundation, in carrying forward the vision of James Hale Steinman and John Frederick Steinman, seeks to improve the quality of life in the communities that comprise Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Our Focus

The Steinman Foundation is focused on grant-making in three distinct areas:  Early Childhood Education & Development; Economic & Workforce Development; and Local Journalism and Media Literacy. The Steinman Foundation also accepts grant applications under its Community Stewardship program, which funds initiatives that are crucial to continually improving the quality of life in Lancaster County.

Economic & Workforce Development

Early Childhood


Local Journalism & Media Literacy

Our History

The Steinman Foundation was created in 2014 through the merger of separate private foundations established in 1951 by the brothers James Hale and John Frederick Steinman. The Steinman brothers were innovative business leaders in Lancaster County and, in an effort to give back to their community, they dedicated a portion of the profits from their businesses to their foundations. Contributions over many years by LNP Media Group, Inc., the parent company to, among other publications, LNP and, and its predecessors and affiliates have funded more than $100 million in grants to a wide variety of local charitable organizations.

Lancaster County Community Indicators

A project of The Steinman Foundation, The Lancaster County Community Indicators present 80 separate indicators to provide insight into the trends in our community over time. The wealth of information this website provides is intended to be a tool to start conversations and to promote data driven decision making.

The Steinman Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the communities that comprise Lancaster County.  This site strives to achieve that goal by starting conversations about and promoting data driven decision making in Lancaster County.