John F Steinman Fellowship Fund

Each year, one or more fellowships may be awarded by the Fellowship Committee of the John Frederick Steinman Foundation to qualified persons seeking advanced study in the fields of psychiatry, psychology or social work. The fellowships may be renewed for a second year by the trustees upon review of evidence of progress by the fellow in the course of study for which the fellowship was granted.

Local Journalism Fund

The mission of the Lancaster County Local Journalism Fund is to support, protect, and expand local journalism in and for Lancaster County by promoting investigative and public interest journalism and media literacy. These efforts will ensure the people of Lancaster County continue to be informed, engaged and empowered by independent local journalism.

To inquire about grant opportunities, please email Lauren Frick at

STEM logo

The Lancaster County STEM Alliance is a group of dedicated thought leaders who have a shared vision for the future of Lancaster County:

As a hub for STEM literacy and experiential learning, Lancaster County will attract and retain visionary job creators, inspire learners of all ages to achieve academic excellence, and engage all its citizenry in building a prosperous future.

Lancaster County Community Indicators

A project of The Steinman Foundation, The Lancaster County Community Indicators present 80 separate indicators to provide insight into the trends in our community over time. The wealth of information this website provides is intended to be a tool to start conversations and to promote data driven decision making.

The Steinman Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the communities that comprise Lancaster County.  This site strives to achieve that goal by starting conversations about and promoting data driven decision making in Lancaster County.

Lancaster Partnership for learning equity

The Steinman Foundation, in partnership with the United Way of Lancaster County, created the Lancaster Partnership for Learning Equity (LPLE) in response to COVID-19’s disruption of K-12 education. LPLE offers summer learning and after-school programs to provide rigorous academic instruction by highly skilled educators in a virtual environment.