Economic & Workforce Development

The Foundation seeks to expand economic opportunity and stimulate growth within Lancaster County. In this portfolio, the Foundation prioritizes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education programs. It also supports programs that promote economic and workforce development in Lancaster County. To help meet its objectives, The Steinman Foundation serves as the fiscal sponsor for the Lancaster County STEM Alliance.

The Lancaster County STEM Alliance is a group of dedicated thought leaders who have a shared vision for the future of Lancaster County.

As a hub for STEM literacy and experiential learning, Lancaster County will attract and retain visionary job creators, inspire learners of all ages to achieve academic excellence, and engage all its citizenry in building a prosperous future.

This group has identified six strategic priorities in support of this vision:

  1. Community Awareness
  2. Career Exploration
  3. In School Project-Based Learning
  4. Out-of-School STEM Learning
  5. Work-Based Learning
  6. Diversity in STEM

The STEM Alliance is governed by an Advisory Board comprised of local leaders from the private sector, schools, universities, non-profits, and government. The Lancaster County STEM Alliance Advisory Board provides guidance and advice to The Steinman Foundation in supporting STEM efforts and helps to coordinate the community’s work in support of its shared vision.

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Barbara Altmann
Franklin & Marshall College

Dr. Lauren Beal
Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor
Lancaster-Lebanon IU-13

Sam Bressi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Lancaster County Community Foundation

Richard Heisey
Sr. Director of Product Development & Engineering
CNH Industrial America

Bob Krasne
Chair; Chair and Chief Executive Officer
Steinman Communications

Willonda McCloud
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bright Side Opportunities Center

Michael Molla
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

Dr. Robin Felty
Manheim Township High School

Lisa Riggs
Economic Development Company of Lancaster County

Pedro Rivera
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Mike Shirk
Chief Executive Officer
The High Companies

Dr. Brian Troop
Ephrata Area School District

Heather Valudes
Vice President
Lancaster Chamber of Commerce

Shane Zimmerman
Steinman Communications and The Steinman Foundation

Dr. Jon Zou
President and Chief Technical Officer
Advanced Cooling Technologies

For more information on the Lancaster County STEM Alliance and how to apply for STEM grants, please visit: