Community Stewardship

One way The Steinman Foundation strives to improve the quality of life in Lancaster County is through its Community Stewardship Grant Program. This program evaluates funding opportunities that are outside of the Foundation’s primary areas of focus. The application process and requirements vary based on the amount and complexity of each grant request. The minimum grant size is currently $5,000 and priority will be given to the following general categories:

  • Arts – The Foundation continues to support the art related initiatives with an emphasis on initiatives that are focused on youth and creating vibrant downtown business districts.
  • Education – The Foundation supports educational opportunities and initiatives for learners of all ages anywhere in Lancaster County.
  • Civic & Community – The Foundation supports programs and initiatives that prioritize health and safety within the community. Examples include leadership development, affordable housing, public safety, youth development and parks & recreation.
  • Health & Human Services – The Foundation supports programs and initiatives that focus on the needs of underserved members of the community.
  • Environment – The Foundation supports land preservation, conservation, water quality, and environmental education in Lancaster County.